? Original scenery of Japan  マツシマススム

Original scenery of Japan



057 (1)    Shimizu, Aritagawatyo, Wakayama
Aragijima 2 hours 30 minutes by car from Osaka Station.
I can guide you on a day trip.
You can see rice planting around May.

057 (2)    Shimizu, Aritagawatyo, Wakayama
Aragijima in August.
I will guide Mt. Koya in the latter half.

057 (3)    Shimizu, Aritagawatyo, Wakayama
Aragijima in September.
It is about time for rice to grow.
I will guide Mt. Koya in the latter half.

057 (4)    Shimizu, Aritagawatyo, Wakayama
Harvest of rice on Aragijima.
The red front blur in the foreground is the cluster amaryllis.
After lunch, I will guide Mt. Koya.

057 (5)    Shimizu, Aritagawatyo, Wakayama
Sun drying makes the rice delicious.
I will guide Mt. Koya in the latter half.

057 (6)    “Sunset of Funaya” Ine, Kyoto
Taken from the ship.
Shipment fee 1,000 yen-2,000 yen / 1 person.
3 hours by car from Osaka Station.

057 (7)    “The life of Funaya” Ine, Kyoto
Taken from above the ship going around the harbor.

057 (8)    “Lighthouse and sea cat” Ine, Kyoto
Taken from the ship.
The sea cat comes close by the sweets.
Model fee is an additional one hour for 5,000 yen.

057 (9)    “Dried squid”
Sometimes it can be seen by the season.
You can not always see it.

057 (10)    “Senmaida of Nii ” Kyoto
Early morning in the middle of May.
I can guide in two days a night.
Guest house charge about 10,000 yen / 1 person

057 (11)    “Thatched roof group” Miyamatyo, Kyoto
You can shoot at any time.
Two hours from Osaka by car.
I can guide you on a day trip.

057 (12)    “Thatched roof repair” Miyamatyo, Kyoto
Repair a few days a year.
You can not always see it.

057 (13)    “Winter of Miyamatyo” Kyoto
When it is snowing in February.
I can guide you on a day trip.

057 (14)    “Matabei Sakura” Ouda, Nara
April 3-April 13 is the best time to see cherry blossoms.
I can guide you on a day trip.
Lunch is sushi or soba. (Extra charge)

057 (15)    “Matabei Sakura” Ouda, Nara
Early April

057 (16)    “Matabei Sakura” Ouda, Nara

Cherry blossoms are moist on rainy days.
The pink behind is peach.

057 (17)    “Matabei Sakura” Ouda, Nara

Shoot the peach in the cherry blossoms at a point

057 (18)    “Evening scene” Nara

Departure from Osaka Station at 12:00 PM when shooting a sunset.
PM 8:00 to 9:00 Return to Osaka
We will inform you on the day trip fee.

057 (19)    Katsuragityo, Wakayama

November 25-December 15. Guided landscapes with persimmon.
The original persimmon scenery of Japan's best.

057 (20)    Katsuragityo, Wakayama

November 23-December 1.
Please inquire in advance.

057 (21)    “A rany day of Katsuragityo” Katsuragityo Wakayama

There is fog in the mountains.

057 (22)    “Scene of persimmon and thatched roof” Katsuragityo Wakayama

057 (23)    Wakasayama, Nara Park

Travel to Wakasayama by car on the toll road.
About 30 minutes from Nara Park.
10 minutes walk from the parking lot.
It is a little hard for older people.

057 (24)    Wakasayama, Nara Park

There are few such opportunities.

057 (25)    Wakasayama, Nara Park

Bring some food. You can shoot from nearby.

057 (26)    Wakasayama, Nara Park

It is a stag. I used the flash in the reverse light.

057 (27)    Wakasayama, Nara Park

In addition, I will guide you to the old town of Naramachi and World Heritage site Gankoji.

057 (28)    Wakasayama, Nara Park

Use flash. You can shoot at any time.

057 (29)    “Sunflower field” Nankotyo, Sayotyo, Hyogo

July 20-30. Two and a half hours by car from Osaka Station.
I will guide you on a day trip.

057 (30)    “Village of Koinobori”, Hyogo

April 25-May 5
2 hours by car from Osaka Station.
We will show you two shooting spots of Koinobori.

057 (31)    Maishima, Osaka

Where the 2025 World Expo will be held
It is a work of an overseas architect.
Two or three places guidance according to hope
including Tsutenkaku and Osaka Port.

057 (32)    Maishima, Osaka

An artist from Austria, designed by the Friedensrich Hundertwasser

057 (33)    Maishima, Osaka

One hour from Osaka Station.
I will guide you to Osaka Port, Tsutenkaku,
Osaka Castle, etc. in the remaining time.

057 (34)    Maishima, Osaka

Day trips are planned 8 hours to 10 hours a day.
I will guid you the desired shooting spot within that time.

057 (35)    Index Osaka, Osaka

The car is eight-seater.
Customers are limited to 2 to 4 people.
Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, Hyogo, Shiga, to Fukui

057 (36)    Index Osaka, Osaka

A venue for the 2019 G20.
The course will be decided according to the customer's request.
From Osaka Station to Nakanoshima, Dotonbori, Tennoji, Osaka Port, Tsutenkaku, etc.
I will guide you within 8 to 10 hours a day.

057 (37)    Echizen coast, Fukui

January-March. Flowers are narcissus.
3 hours from Osaka Station.

057 (38)    Echizen coast, Fukui

Rocks and waves
You can go sightseeing on the Japan Sea side in Fukui
and stop by Lake Biwa on your way back.

057 (39)    Echizen coast, Fukui

The waves are good.
When the wind speed is 10m or more, a big wave stands up.
However, it is dangerous if it exceeds 25 m, so we will cancel it.

057 (40)    Echizen coast, Fukui

Afterglow in the evening. There are few such scenes.
It does not go out depending on the condition. ..

057 (41)    Shin Maiko coast, Hyogo

It is a beautiful place with low tide and sunrise.
I think that it will be among the best 10 in Japan.
Shooting of the morning sun will be two days a night.
I will lend you a tripod for free.
The hotel is close by. Hotel charge 10,000 yen-15,000 yen / 1 person.

057 (42)    “Japanese flower lotus” Nanzyogun, Fukui

It is a summer flower that represents Japan.
July 10-August 10

057 (43)    Nanzyogun, Fukui

It is the work which took high rank in the photography contest of Canon.

057 (44)    Nanzyogun, Fukui

Lotus flowers are found throughout Japan,
but Fukui Lotus is famous in Kansai.
Two and a half hours from Osaka Station.
On the way back I will guide you to Lake Biwa.

057 (45)    “Lotus”

Indian native, aquatic plant
In Japan, it can be seen in various places in July.
You can see it on the Karasuma peninsula of Shiga Prefecture.
(The work is Fukui.)

057 (46)    “Lotus fantasy” Nanzyogun, Fukui

A lamp of the village was lit in the evening on a lotus flower.
Mid-July,2 hours 30 minutes from Osaka Station

057 (47)    “Anou plum grove” Nara

20,000, the most popular in Nara.
Late February to early March

057 (48)    “Night of Anou plum grove” Nara

There are several other places of plum grove, including Tsukigase and Hirohashi, in Nara.
It can be seen from February 20 to March 25.

057 (49)    “Mokuren of Nara” Shimoichityo, Nara

This is the place I'm good at. I go through every year.
Late March to early April. Mokuren is over. Then, cherry season.
As I published in a camera magazine, the village of Mokuren became famous.

057 (50)    “Night of Mokuren” Nara

I have 40 years of experience guiding Japanese amateurs.
More than 1,000 works have been selected in the competition in 40 years.
It is a dramatic work of art.
I am expecting photography fans from around the world to come.